Insights Is the Key to the Good Life

Counselors at Insights help clients identify and target problems, and then focus on strengths. We believe that changes in thought will lead to changes in behavior. WIth our support, clients gain the insight needed to live healthy and productive lives—substance free. This is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Substance Abuse Services

Drug Free Work Place

We offer a comprehensive Drug Free Work Place program proven to enhance safety and professionalism of a company workforce

Behavioral Health Services

Insights offers structured behavioral health programs that allow clients to take responsibility for their choices and behavior.

The Good Life Program & Personal Development Workshops help clients develop the ability to cope, make choices, communicate and prioritize characteristics of a healthy lifestyle—the good life using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Insights is a licensed outpatient treatment center offering behavioral programs with offices in Richland and Lexington County. Insights is an approved provider for the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS). Insights is federally registered and approved to provide services under Substance Abuse Professional credential (SAP), servicing federal transportation contracts. Insights has been providing behavioral health services in the Columbia area for over fifteen years.

Insights provides outpatient prevention, intervention, and treatment services, offered in group format, class/instructional format and individual counseling. Insights provides a comprehensive clinical bio/psychosocial assessment in order to determine the appropriate intervention for each individual.