This 5-week, 10-hour psycho-educational intervention systematically reviews the major cognitive behavioral (CBT) components of a “good life.” The program introduces the ability to observe thoughts and provides structural techniques to identify and change irrational thinking.

The program reviews the power of choice and helps individuals to review their personal responsibility in their life choices. Essential life skills are taught that identify and prioritize the characteristics of a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition, goals, exercise, relationships, thought processes are all outlined in detail. Special emphasis is placed on developing a healthy relationship with pleasure.

The program ends with helping each participant see the possibility of living the Good Life.

NOTE: This program is held at The Tri-City Leisure Center, 485 Brooks Ave., West Columbia. Classes are Wednesday evenings from 7-9 p.m. See location below, and click on map for directions from your location. Check the calendar for the next program start date.

I just want to give you a sincere “Thank You!” for the passion, knowledge and insight that you gifted me with in the Good Life classes. I thoroughly enjoyed each session and feel that you are the perfect person for what you do. It shines through.
— Client, February 2014