Insights Educational and Treatment Services Inc. (Insights) provides Drug Free Workplace programs for businesses in the midlands. Insights is a South Carolina licensed outpatient substance abuse treatment facility that provides all the components for a successful Drug Free Workplace.


Insights will support a company by creating a written policy that will send a clear message that substance abuse is not consistent with health, safety and professionalism. Insights has a federally registered substance abuse professional who will provide training for supervisors asked to identify substance abusers. Training for supervisors will incorporate teaching effective management skills that will interrupt dangerous substance abuse behaviors. Awareness of the safety and health risks pertaining to substance abuse for employees can be created through employee notification and safety meetings offered by certified employee assistance professionals.

Urine drug screening is an integral part of a Drug Free Workplace and regular but random testing can be done at the job site or at the office, that is cost effective and allows little interruption to work time. Insights has certified collection technicians that can provide testing at the treatment center or on the work site for urine drug screen monitoring.

If an employee should have a positive drug test, with a Drug Free Workplace program in place, companies have a substance abuse program that is both cost effective and a significant substance abuse intervention. The employee will be provided a comprehensive assessment to determine the extent of the substance abuse and will be offered a clear contractual obligation for intervention and structured treatment that holds the employee responsible for change. 

Insights is a single source for Drug Free Workplace. Services are billed "fee for services rendered" and thus allow for effective pricing without an up front or retainer fee. A single provider offers seamless service delivery. The direct fee makes it cost effective for all business sizes and places the intervention services at employee expense, while providing a viable therapeutic alternative to termination.

A Drug Free Workplace is a business tool that all professional organizations can afford. Drug Free Workplace programs have a clearly demonstrated track record of enhancing the health, safety and professionalism of the workplace.